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In life, we set energetic minimums.

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In life, we set energetic minimums.

An energetic minimum is your base level. You will not go below a certain level or standard that you have set for that area of your life.

Energetic minimums could be within your relationships (romantic or platonic), your career, your health, your income levels or any other area you can think of.

If you aren’t sure what your energetic minimum is, take a look around your life. Explore the areas of your life and you’ll find that the continual and ongoing standards for that area of your life is your minimum.

For example, within your romantic relationships, your energetic minimum could be that you will not tolerate being cheated on. This would be a no-brainer for you, the relationship would be over. However, white lies can be argued about, talked through and are “acceptable” (you would not end a relationship over this). This is your energetic minimum. Your energetic minimum within relationships is no cheating.

Energetic minimums can also be raised, so if you are looking at the areas of your life and feeling dissatisfied or as if you want (or need) to raise your energetic minimums, here’s an exercise you can run through:

Assess what your current energetic minimum is

Tune into what your new energetic minimum is going to be

Commit to not accepting anything but your new energetic minimum

Consider what’s coming up for this new energetic minimum. Are there any doubts, fears or even lies? If so, are they true?

Consider a new way to feel about your new energetic minimum, how will it make you feel? And how can you feel more supported, empowered and confident in your new energetic minimum?

Start living in accordance to your new energetic minimum

With love & support,

Shorina | Mindful Soul Collective

Counsellor & Wellbeing Coach



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