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My story


My name is Shorina (pronounced sure-ree-nah) and I'm the founder of Mindful Soul Collective.

I'm a mum of two boys, Ezra and Wyatt. I'm engaged to the love of my life, Karl and we all live in Newcastle, Australia.

I absolutely thrive off of personal development and when I'm not working or being a mum, I'm writing, meditating, exercising, reading a book, listening to a podcast, researching new tools and techniques or I'm doing course work. There is always more to learn and I am always looking for new ways to broaden my own knowledge. 

I have a passion for empowering other people which I do via Mindful Soul Collective and my second business, Bras By S.

I've been there - lost, unmotivated, confused, overwhelmed, unhappy and depressed. 

I used to call my life a series of unfortunate events. Abusive relationships. Car crashes. Living alone at 14 years old. Storm damage. Self-harm. Grief. Chronic pain and fatigue. Self-hatred. A traumatic birth. I've gone through a hell of a lot and I did let life hold me down. I let it consume me and I hit rock bottom. 

But, after years of what felt like torture, I decided I had just had enough. I decided it was time to fight and take control of my life again, I was ready to come out of that dark place. That's when I started my self-development journey.

I only have one regret - that I didn't do it sooner.

From somebody who has been exactly where you are and feeling what you feel, trust me when I say, you are worthy of everything you dream of. You are capable of overcoming all of the fears and self-sabotage. You can love yourself. You can find your purpose. You can grow into a person you can't even imagine right now. 

I didn't suffer for all of those years for no reason, I suffered, I grew and I learnt lessons to bring me here to help you. 

We all need a little help sometimes, so I'm here to offer you a place you're safe. A place to talk things through, to get clear and make changes. A place filled with support, inspiration, encouragement and empowerment. Your very own safe haven.

I'm here to help you change your life.


I hold a Diploma of Counselling and have the following specialty certificates within the mental health field:

~ Depression: From Diagnostic Criteria to Treatment

~ Burnout & Self-Care

~ Communicating With Children

~ Psychological First Aid

~ Managing Chronic Pain

~ Supporting Clients at Risk of Suicide

~ Supporting Clients Who Self-harm

~ Understanding Emotion in Children

~ Helping Clients Deal with Relationship Breakdown

~ Managing Challenging Clients

~ Anxiety Disorders

~ Working with Children at Risk

~ Positive Psychology

~ Telephone Counselling

~ Helping Clients Deal with Relationship Breakdowns

~ Narcissim: The Basics

~ Autism Spectrum Disorder

~ Borderline Personality Disorder

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