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It's three months from now and...

You embody a new way of living that allows more love, joy and mindfulness into your life.

You cultivate a deep self-love because you know that deep down, you are enough.

You wake up each morning and feel excited because your to-do lists and mundane tasks no longer control you.

You feel more confident and empowered in the decisions you're making.

You parent with patience, ease and pure love.

Your habits and routines are working for you, not against you.

You feel a deep sense of gratitude for the incredible life you have created.

You shine brightly from outside of your comfort zone.

You are making shifts every day to improve your mental health, mindset and life.

You feel aligned, on purpose and energised. This is truly the life you have always dreamt of.

You know you're here for big things. You know that this can be your life so what are you waiting for?

Does any of this relate to you...

You feel stagnant and held back from being able to show up the way you want in your career, relationship, family and life?

You wake up feeling tired, deflated and no energy to work on your dreams?

You struggle to set boundaries and say no to others, leaving you resentful, bitter and frustrated?

Your children seem to push you over the edge every day and you can't help but to lose your cool?

You constantly compare yourself to other people and feel a deep sense of jealously?

No matter how hard you try, you can not find the 'good' in your days?

You feel guilty for taking time for yourself?

You are still hurt from past experiences, relationships or people and you're struggling to heal?

You feel like life, the world and the entire universe are working against you?

You struggle with anxiety, stress or overwhelm regularly?

You know there is more for you but you have no idea where to even begin?

You are constantly searching for love and validation externally

You are your own biggest critic and continually put yourself down

I know what it's like. I was stuck there for years before I decided that enough was enough,

Have you had enough of this life too? Do you want something different? Are you ready to shift, evolve and heal?

Hi lovely, I'm Shorina

I'm a Counsellor and Coach in Australia and I am a mum to two beautiful little boys.


I've been there - lost, unmotivated, confused, overwhelmed, unhappy and depressed. 

I used to call my life a series of unfortunate events. Abusive relationships. Car crashes. Living alone at 14 years old. Storm damage. Self-harm. Grief. Chronic pain and fatigue. Self-hatred. A traumatic birth. The list feels never-ending but it did end. It ended when I changed the way I lived my life.

Maybe you're holding onto self-hatred, unsure of your purpose in the world, lost and everything feels so heavy. Maybe you are constantly comparing yourself to others, wondering 'what if' and dreaming of everything changing and you living on alignment. Whatever it is, there is a better way. 

It can be different. It can be better. You can feel aligned, on purpose and in love with your life too. It doesn't have to be hard any more. If you're here reading this right now, it's for a reason. 

You're reading this because you know that you're ready for something new. You're ready for things to be different for you too. 

Time is precious, so let's not waste any more of it.

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My session style isn't by the textbook. No client is the same as another so I don't want to apply the same thing to everybody, hoping it will work. Each session with me is based on your individual needs. The things we discuss, the exercises we do and the tools I teach you will depend entirely on your circumstances so that you get the best results possible for your life.

The tools and techniques I utilise are from the coaching and counselling space, allowing you to experience the best of both worlds. I'm here to offer you a safe haven. A place to talk things through, to get clear and make changes. A place filled with support, inspiration, encouragement and empowerment.

What you will get

60-minute Zoom session/s and relevant worksheets and journal prompts as required.


$111 per session

$600 for 6 sessions