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When I struggled in the past, I found it difficult to find free information on where to even start my journey. When you're struggling, the last thing you want to do is search forever online trying to find free information on how you can start feeling better. I aim to provide as much free information as possible. Below, you will find links to my free downloadable resources available and you can always find a wealth of knowledge on my blog and social media accounts.

The Mini Self-Discovery Guide - mini course

Counsellor & Life Coach Newcastle Australia | Mindful Soul Collective

Okay, so you want to make a change in your life but have no idea where to start, I understand. It can definitely be overwhelming and confusing when you decide it’s time to make a change.

My free 3-week mini-course is the first step to overcoming that feeling of being lost, unmotivated and uninspired in your life.

I want to know if you only had 30 seconds to tell me who you are, and I mean really are, what would you say? What values do you hold? What do you do to take care of yourself? Do you know how to practise self-care?

When you take the time to really learn who you are, you start to shine.

By completing this course, you will walk away feeling confident, inspired and ready to live a happier, mindful life filled with purpose, self-love and growth every single day.

You will be able to make decisions with confidence, find your passions and truly start taking care of yourself. You will finish this course with a new-found shine.

Through three weeks of life-changing content, you will dive into three important parts of your life:

  • Your authentic self

  • Mindset

  • Self-love & self-care

I know that starting on a self-development journey can be a little daunting, but believe me, when I say, this is your first step to start living and loving your life.

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"The new mini-course by Mindful Soul Collective is everything you need to start getting your life back on track. So easy to understand and relatable! It really helps to dive into your mindset and conquer demons that we all have laying around as well as giving you the tips and tools to practice in your everyday life to start feeling and being the best version of yourself.


The mini-course has given me a new outlook on my life and after practicing the methods used in this course I am seeing and feeling so much more love and happiness in my days and feeling more connected to myself then I have in a long time! With a 1-year-old son and everything that’s going on in this world at the moment, this course was exactly what I needed and I could not recommend it highly enough!" 

Montana Rufo

Counsellor & Coach in Newcastle, NSW Australia
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