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What to do when you're struggling

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The moment you realise you are struggling and need help can be difficult, I know, I’ve been there. It’s really important to note that it is completely okay to seek help. It’s completely okay to need help. It’s completely okay to not be okay.

In our blog post “Mental Health 101” a few weeks ago, we discussed what mental health is, what can cause mental health problems, signs you may need help and we touched slightly on getting help. But, I feel that the most important thing you could ever do for your mental health is to get help when you need it. So, this blog post will purely on what to do when you are struggling.

Here are some options for when you are needing support -

♡ Get immediate help

Are you in immediate danger? This could be a danger to another person (you harming another person or another person harming you) or danger to yourself (self-harm). If the answer is yes, call 000 immediately or seek assistance from your closest hospital.

♡ Speak to your GP and book in for some counselling

By talking with your general practitioner about what you are feeling, both physically and emotionally, your GP will be able to assess your needs and make recommendations on moving forward.

When you see your GP, they will ask you questions regarding your personal life, work, relationships and how you have been feeling. By being as honest as possible, you will be able to ensure you are receiving the best treatment.

It's important to note that most GP’s have experience within mental health, but if you feel as though you aren’t getting the help you need, please see another GP.

To book a session with me, please click here.

♡ Contact a hotline

You are able to contact a support hotline. You can contact them about your own mental health but you can also call and seek advice regarding a loved one too. Here are a few of my favourites:

Beyond Blue:

Depression, anxiety and stigma

Call 1300 22 4636, 24 hours / 7 days a week

Suicide Call Back Service

24/7 support if you or someone you know is feeling suicidal

Call 1300 659 467


mental health and wellbeing support to people aged 12-25

Call 1800 650 890, 9am-1am AEST / 7 days a week

Kids Helpline

Counselling service for people aged 5 to 25

Call 1800 55 1800