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Earlier this year, I was burnt the f*ck out and depressed

Mindfulness, Mind, Body, Soul Wellness & Healing | Counsellor & Mental Health and Wellbeing Coach in Newcastle Australia

Earlier this year, I was burnt the f*ck out and depressed.

And not just a little bit. I was physically sick for months on end. I was always exhausted. I was sleeping a lot with many, many naps and my beautiful partner had to do all wake ups from our kids (who wake a lot!). I had gut issues. My skin was so dry it was cracking and bleeding. I had horomonal issues. I was crying, every single day. I yelled at my kids a lot.

I burnt the candle from both ends and then down to the ground.

But the thing is… I prolonged it. I didn’t surrender and allow myself to heal. I continued eating like crap. I continued taking my support for granted and not listening to their advice, ideas and wisdom. I worked on the days I was sick. I pushed myself to do exercise that my body was begging me not to do.

My body was literally begging for rest and I refused to give it any.

When I eventually was too sick and tired (physically but also mentally), I gave in. I rested and allowed myself to heal.

And since then, so many beautiful things have happened for me. I’ve had new business opportunities, my revenue in both businesses has increased and I’m working less. But more importantly, my body is healthy. I’m more energised. I’m happier. I’m no longer crying or yelling daily.

I know I had to experience that burn-out to be able to hold space for all of the amazing things happening for me right now. It was something that had to happen and whilst it was horrible, I can see how it was needed before I got to this amazing place I’m now in.

This journey of healing and recovering from burn-out involved many, many things but the number one thing that helped was professional support. If you’re feeling burnt-out, please seek support before you crash. I’ve been there before and I’ve also came out the other side, so reach out and let’s talk about working together!

With love & support,

Shorina | Mindful Soul Collective

Counsellor & Wellbeing Coach



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