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A note to somebody unsure of what to bring up in a counselling session.

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A note to somebody unsure of what to bring up in a counselling session.

If you're feeling nervous or anxious about a session, firstly, I'm sending you love.

Doing counselling can feel scary, even if you've been doing it for years so I understand the nerves and if you feel like you always forget what you want to bring up or work through, I want to share a tip with you.

Start a note in your phone called 'to share with my counsellor/ coach' and between sessions, add things you feel like you could have used support with.

Perhaps you had a disagreement at work and felt incredibly uncomfortable. Or you felt triggered by something. Or you self-sabotaged in some way. Or you felt disappointed by somebody or something.

Anything that comes up that feels hard to process, that makes you feel big feelings or any decisions that you're having trouble making, add to the list so you can talk things through.

With love

Shorina xo

Counsellor + Wellness & Mental Health Coach


Hi, I'm Shorina and I'm an Australian Counsellor + Wellness & Mental Health Coach. I'm here to support you to redefine your relationship to self and life! I incorporate a mind, body and soul wellness approach to my work with a focus on healing and mindfulness ♡