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If you can't afford counselling or coaching right now

Self-Love, Alignment & Mindfulness Counsellor & Life Coach Newcastle Australia

Counselling and coaching does cost money and I know and completely understand that it just isn't within everybody's budget all of the time (which is a huge reason I offer freebies on my website).

That's why I wanted to share some of my favourite (and free!) ways to take care of your mental health when you don't have the ability to access 1:1 support.

- take care of your body by nourishing, moving and resting

- set and maintain boundaries

- build self-trust and stop breaking promises to yourself

- follow more positive people on social media (like me!)

- read self-help books

- start journaling

- practise breathwork

- allow yourself to feel emotions as they arise

- take time away from screens

- create and trust a support network

- meditate

- learn and practise self-acceptance and self-compassion

PS - if you're in Australia, your local library has self-help books you can borrow for free!

If you have the ability and would like to go deeper in this work, here is some more information about working with me.

With love

Shorina xo

Certified Counsellor & Mental Health Coach


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