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You don't need to be in crisis to ask for help

Mindfulness, Mind, Body, Soul Wellness & Healing | Counsellor & Mental Health and Wellbeing Coach in Newcastle Australia

You don't need to be at breaking point or burnt-out. You don't need to be having suicidal thoughts or self-harming. You don't need to be living in that incredibly dark place to get support for your mental health.

Support can come before all of that and help you to avoid ever reaching those points.

You can simply want change and more for your life to ask for support. More love. More joy. More passion. More fun. More alignment. More peace.

And of course, support during those hard times is so incredibly important, but if you can seek support before you get to that point, you'll find the journey much easier.

I currently have capacity to take on a few more clients, if you're interested, please reach out or jump online and book in for your sessions!

With love

Shorina xo

Counsellor + Wellness & Mental Health Coach


Hi, I'm Shorina and I'm an Australian Counsellor + Wellness & Mental Health Coach. I'm here to support you to redefine your relationship to self and life! I incorporate a mind, body and soul wellness approach to my work with a focus on healing and mindfulness ♡


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