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Where are you choosing the easier path, even if it isn't the best option?

Mindfulness, Mind, Body, Soul Wellness & Healing | Counsellor & Mental Health and Wellbeing Coach in Newcastle Australia

Where are you choosing the easier path, even if it isn't the best option?

Are you choosing to not address a conflict with somebody because it’s easier?

Are you skipping the meditation because it feels ‘hard’?

Are you holding yourself back from doing the work because it feels uncomfortable?

Whenever you avoid your emotions and feelings, you push them down inside of you. And honestly, there’s only so much pushing down you can do before you explode.

Your explosion may come as a mental breakdown, it may come as burnout, it may come as physical injuries and illnesses. But if you’re avoiding processing, releasing and healing then it will come out sooner or later.

Personally, in the past, my avoidance has manifested in chronic anxiety, major burnout (which then led to being sick for months on end), gut issues and physical pains in various areas of my body.

If you find yourself in this place of avoidance, I highly recommend chatting with a professional, if this isn’t possible for you right now, there are two steps that are so incredibly important to help you stop avoiding…

  1. Take a step back and notice what emotions you are experiencing. Are you sad? Are you angry? Are you ashamed? Are you guilty? Allow yourself to really experience the emotions and feelings coming up for you.

  2. Sit in the feelings and emotions of whatever comes up. Even if it feels uncomfortable, painful or hard. Allow yourself to actually feel all of the feelings.

It won’t be easy, but it’s so much better for us to go through the hard thing than pretend the hard thing doesn’t exist.

With love & support,

Shorina | Mindful Soul Collective

Counsellor & Wellbeing Coach



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