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Do you enjoy or rush through the discomfort of ‘right now’?

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Do you enjoy or rush through the discomfort of ‘right now’?

My youngest, Wyatt, has been very ‘mummy focused’ lately. I can be the only one who puts him to sleep and if I’m honest, it’s getting annoying (with SO much love for my little one). All I want is for my partner, Karl to be able to do it.

Tonight, as I was sitting in the dark, rocking Wyatt to sleep. I felt annoyed.

Annoyed that I couldn’t have a shower, reply to my assistants messages or simply lay in bed.

Annoyed that I felt like I had no personal space and had to sit there in the dark without making a sound. And very annoyed that if I moved my arm slightly, I would be kicked.

He fell asleep, as he always does eventually and as I sit here now, reflecting, I can see that I was really just annoyed with myself. I didn’t want to sit through the discomfort of right now, so I missed the opportunity of enjoying it too.

Right now doesn’t have to feel good, but it CAN if we allow it. For me, I could have enjoyed Wyatt’s cuddles and holding him in my arms, but instead, I was annoyed and just wanted to get to the next thing (the shower & relaxing).

Tomorrow, I’ll try to enjoy the moment, even if it feels uncomfortable.

With love & support,

Shorina | Mindful Soul Collective

Counsellor & Wellbeing Coach



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