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mid-year reset & uplevel 

A mid-year check-in to reconnect to yourself and your desires while clearing anything holding you back and creating systems to support flow.

Join me for a live free 60–90-minute workshop on the 29th of June at 7pm AEST to help you:

  • reconnect to yourself and your desires

  • celebrate and revisit the wonder you have created so far in the year

  • let go of any less than desirable feelings, energy or situations that has happened recently

  • set beautiful, supportive goals for the rest of 2023

  • create systems that will help you flow through the rest of the year with ease, purpose and joy

  • hot seat coaching to overcome any barriers that may arise

You can expect to walk away feeling:

  • on the right path to how you want to feel and what you want to achieve

  • immense gratitude for the year so far

  • organised for the rest of the year

  • motivated to reach your beautiful, supportive goals

  • clear of any energy that feels 'off' or 'not right'

Replay available + workbook included!

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