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Stop pretending everything's okay

Self-Love, Alignment & Mindfulness Counsellor & Life Coach Newcastle Australia

Sometimes it's easier to hide away... to pretend that everything's okay and that you're 'fine'.

Maybe things aren't 'too bad' and other people have it worse so why should you complain?

Maybe you can't quite put your finger on what's actually wrong, you just know something isn't right.

But when you're in that place... when you're just accepting your life for what it is, regardless of how you're truly feeling, you're missing out.

You're missing out on a life where things are right.

You're missing out on the real magic, the real love, the real joy and the real alignment.

You're missing out on living a life where you wake up and truly love the person you are. Wholeheartedly. Inside and out.

You're truly self-aware and things are the best they've ever been.

Things don't have to be terrible in order to be wrong for you and if this is where you're at, I see you and you deserve the magical life too.

Let's talk about working together.

With love

Shorina xo

Certified Counsellor & Mental Health Coach


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