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It can hurt to feel, but it will hurt so much more if you don't.

Mindfulness, Mind, Body, Soul Wellness & Healing | Counsellor & Mental Health and Wellbeing Coach in Newcastle Australia

The problem with choosing to not feel our emotions as they come up is that when we shove them under the carpet and pretend they aren't there, they will grow.

Imagine your feelings as an apple with a brown soft spot. You don't want to deal with it so you pop it at the back of the fridge to deal with another day. The apple will stay there until you address it and over time, it will get mouldy and start to smell, it will then spread to other things in your fridge causing issues to them as well until eventually, the entire fridge needs to be emptied and given a lot of TLC.

The apple is your feelings. The fridge is your mind, body and soul. And the last thing you want is mouldy feelings taking over your body.

With love & support,

Shorina | Mindful Soul Collective

Counsellor & Wellbeing Coach



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