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Energy protection

Mindfulness, Mind, Body, Soul Wellness & Healing | Counsellor & Mental Health and Wellbeing Coach in Newcastle Australia

As an empath and therapist, if I don’t focus on protecting my energy, I end up feeling exhausted with my work and clients and over time, this could lead to resentment and burn-out. It also would lead to me not showing up for my clients as they need and deserve.

I have a few ways I protect my energy before, during and after sessions to ensure I am showing up as energetically safe as possible (for both me and my clients!):

  • Spraying a protection mist spray before each session

  • Coating myself in a white light protection each morning

  • Playing frequency and/ or sound healing music very softly in the background during sessions

  • Having crystals nearby for each session

  • Frequently saging my office

  • Washing any energy off in the shower each night and visualising it washing down the drain

By protecting my own energy, I’m protecting all of my clients energy too!

With love & support,

Shorina | Mindful Soul Collective

Counsellor & Wellbeing Coach



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