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12. Monthly update & guidance: September & October 2023

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In this episode, I discuss:

  • my September, the things I got up to and a little bit of a life update

  • a little guidance for October, including a card I pulled for the collective

Podcast Transcript

Welcome to the Mindful Soul Collective Podcast, a safe space for your healing.

I'm your host Shorina, a counsellor, well-being coach, multi-bus owner and mum.

I'm here to talk all things mind, body and soul.

You can expect conversations on mental health, mindfulness, mindset, healing and whole body wellness.

I've completely redefined my relationship to myself and to my life.

And now it's your turn.

Hello and welcome back to the podcast.

Hello hello, welcome back to another update and guidance episode. Can you believe that it's the end of September already? I cannot believe how fast this year is going.

I do want to start off by saying I am so sorry if you hear music or power tools in the background. My neighbours are being incredibly loud and noisy today and I have started and stopped recording this episode so many times now I'm just going to record it and apologise to you guys if the sound's not perfect, but I know it's not going to impact their content and it's all good.

If you listened to last month's update and guidance episode, I really spoke a lot about

how I've been trying to do nothing and embrace a bit more of a slow lifestyle. And I think I've really definitely flowed with that this month. But in saying that it's been a really big month in general. I've been feeling a bit uninspired and like I've lost my creativity on social media.

So if you follow me, you may have noticed that I've not been on my stories as much or sharing as many feed posts or videos or reels and nothing's necessarily wrong. I've just not been feeling like the best, I guess. I've been feeling really tired and honestly this month in therapy has been a lot. So my counsellor and I have really been diving a lot deeper into my teenage years and it's been quite difficult for me to move through and process and I think that this is something I would love to share on more later but for now I think this part of my healing journey isn't ready to be spoken about just yet.

So we'll see how that goes. But yeah that's really been wearing me down I guess mentally and then you know when you're mentally tired you feel physically tired and it's a flow on effect. So I've just been really tired.

While I've been feeling tired I also had a really big warehouse sale for my lingerie business bras by S. So heaps of stock I marked down to $15 to try and clear it out.

You know obviously it's all brand new, nothing wrong with it. It's just stuff that I'm hoping to make get rid of to make room in my cupboards and drawers and I have stock everywhere. I really just wanted to clear a lot of that out and that sale went incredibly well which is so amazing but it did keep me super busy for the entire week when I was trying to pack orders.

As well as that we had a beautiful two nights away as a family. I've read an entire book in just one day. It was so relaxing and like me and my partner got home Carl and we were like that was incredible we both needed it so much so that was really really beautiful too.

And I think the biggest thing that happened this month is my eldest little baby turned five so marks five years I've been a mum and that just blows my mind. I can't believe it's been five years since he was born. The day before his birthday I am his name's Ezra.

The day before Ezra's birthday I spent some time reflecting and wrote a little something

about my journey as a mum and I wanted to share that with you on this month's episode.

So tomorrow is Ezra's fifth birthday which marks five years I've been a mum. Becoming a mum was one of the hardest things I've ever done and if you know my story there's been a roller coaster of hard obstacles in my life. Being a mum has allowed me to see days brighter than ever before while also seeing days that are darker than ever before. When Ezra was born I had severe postnatal depression. I would sit in a rocking chair holding this tiny perfect little person that I'd brought into the world and I would cry all night long. I felt so empty and so sad and the days weren't much better.

At the time I had never felt more alone because nobody spoke about how hard the shift into motherhood or parenthood in general is.

As his first couple of years of life were filled with sickness. There was nothing severe and I think necessarily wrong. He just seemed to catch everything and anything and as well as that we had very little sleep. He woke up every two hours pretty much until he was three years old and I wish I was exaggerating but I'm not.

It took me about three years to settle into motherhood properly and I think it was because for so long I tried to be the Shorina before children. When really I just had to accept the rebirth of Shorina as a mum. Those first few years really blow together in my mind. I held on by a thread and I pushed through barely surviving but now five years later

including another baby later I have stepped into motherhood entirely.

I'm not a perfect mum and I don't aim to be. I just want to be a mum who shows up when she can with a heart full of love and arms ready for cuddles. I want to raise beautiful kind and caring kids. I want to show my boys that they can be whoever they want in the world and that they are the future. I want to be the kind of mum who does her best.

So to Ezra.

Thank you for allowing me to be your mum.

Thank you for your patience over the years as I made a lot of mistakes and apologise

a lot.

Thank you for the bright light that you brought into my life.

Thank you for your love, compassion and kindness.

Thank you for your patience and for showing me how to be a mum and holding my hand as I was reborn as well.

I really wanted to share that on this month's life update episode because I think it was

one of the easiest and most heartfelt pieces I've ridden throughout the month and maybe in a while and I really thought that he would resonate with somebody else as well.

So his birthday was great. He had so much fun. Do you like how I just went straight back into the update? No time to waste.

But yes, he had a great birthday. We had so much fun. On the day we went to spring loaded which is basically like a play centre filled with trampolines and foam pits and there's like a ninja course kind of set up so that was so much fun. And then on the weekend we had a party where we set up our backyard with a jumping castle and a little obstacle course and things like bubbles and play-doh and slides and it was just so much fun for all the kids.

Now I'm spending this week that you're hearing this in real time, getting things ready and

sorted and prepped because we are going on holidays. I'm so excited. We're going to the Gold Coast for two weeks with my family to visit all the theme parks and honestly I'm so excited. The kids have never been there before as is old enough to go on like the little kid roller coaster so that's so exciting. And Karl and I haven't been since we were a lot younger so yeah, we're all super pumped for that.

And the last little bit of my monthly update is that I have launched some new and amazing if I do say so myself workbooks. So if you head to my website, there's links in the show notes of course, I have a bunch of different resources available including workbooks, courses, ebooks. But last week I launched six new workbooks and they're all really focusing on different things but they all really offer a sanctuary for self-reflection.

It doesn't matter where you are, you know, you could be just starting on your journey

or a bit deeper into your journey of self-discovery. Maybe you've been looking for answers for years. These workbooks will allow you to dive deep, to embrace vulnerability and to really become the architect of your own life. So there's like a self-love and self-care workbook, a self-discovery carebook, there's a future self-care book. I keep saying care. I don't know why I'm doing that. Start again.

Self-love and self-care. There's a motherhood book releasing anxiety workbook, future you workbook. There's just, they're honestly, they are amazing. As you can tell, really massive month for me but I'm so pumped for October. It's going to be amazing.

As we move into October, I wanted to also offer you guidance and I have pulled a card

from the secret language of your soul deck by Inna Segal. I don't know how to say her name. I always feel like I get that wrong. I'm not sure.

The card I pulled was the Think Before You Speak card.

It's a beautiful yellow card as well if that means anything to anybody.

And the guidebook says, the truth can hurt but it doesn't have to. You are in control of the words you speak and to a certain extent, they impact. Be mindful of the power of what you say. Whether your voice holds extra weight due to your position, authority or prestige. Are your opinions given more significance based on status rather than merit? Think about what you want to say before you say it and it can help maintain a compelling discourse and determine the kind of response you are likely to receive. When engaging another, listen as often or more often than you speak. Really listen. Don't just nod along and wait for your opportunity to exert your opinion.

Remain open to your conversation partner's ideas and be receptive rather than aggressive. If you need to object something, do it gently without assigning blame. This card asks you to be more conscious of your words. Are you speaking angry, critical, hurtful, blaming fearful words? Or, beautiful, uplifting, transformational, inspiring words?

Consciously listen to what you say and interrupt hateful, critical or self-deprecating speech with words of love and kindness. Do not allow yourself to be engaged in hurtful or negative discourse. If someone is saying something limiting or fear-based, disengage and walk away. You can turn simple conversations into empowering discourse but not all exchanges are worth continuing.

Communicating well means knowing when to speak, when to listen and when to disengage. Be gentle with yourself as you improve your skills. The old aspects of you may try to creep to the surface when they do acknowledge them and then refocus on what you are currently creating. Build a stress, tension and overwhelm disappear to allow greater ease, acceptance and aliveness to enter your being.

I hope that this guidance offers you something you need or that you want and I hope you have a beautiful October. As I mentioned, I am away for two weeks but episodes will be going live as normal so don't stress nothing is changing on the podcast front. If you do reach out to me about working together, I might take a little bit longer to get back to you.

But I hope you loved my little life update, my guidance and again I am so sorry for the

power tools in the background. I can hear them going right now so hopefully I can edit them out but I am still figuring out this podcasting. So I won't hold my breath. But lots of love, lots of support and I will chat with you next week.


With love & support,

Shorina | Mindful Soul Collective

Counsellor & Wellbeing Coach


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