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mindful self

join me for a 3-hour experience where you will completely redefine your relationship to yourself and to life.

Cost: $111

When: 26th of November, 2023 for two sessions running from 10am - 11.30am & 12pm - 1.30pm.

after our time together, you could:

  • live a life that genuinely feels amazing

  • be healthier, sleep better and have more energy

  • feel confident, empowered and connected to yourself

  • have all of the tools to calm yourself down when you're feeling triggered, anxious or overwhelmed

  • know what you want, but more importantly, be ready to go for it and get it

  • have relationships that support you, uplift you and are more safe, stable and healthier than ever

  • perform better at work, school or university

  • let go of the 'shoulds' in life and instead follow what you now know you want in life

  • parent with more patience, ease and love


what is included

  • 2 x 1.5 hour group sessions on Zoom

the mind, body and soul approach

There are three parts of you that are working to create the person you are today: your mind, your body, and your soul.

I work with clients, like yourself, to adopt a holistic approach and address all three areas, leading to a complete whole-body experience of life - envision the happiest, healthiest, and most purposeful version of yourself.

Here’s a break down on each part of you:

mind: this part refers to your cognitive and emotional well-being. It includes your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions, and how they impact your behaviour and overall mental health.

body: this part refers to your physical health, including your diet, exercise, sleep, and overall physical health.

soul: this part refers to your spiritual well-being, encompassing your purpose, values, outlook on life and connection to a higher power or purpose (whether that is God, The Universe, your Higher Self or whatever else feels good to you – or perhaps you’re not sure about a higher power and that’s okay too).

Your mind, body, and soul are what shapes you in day-to-day life. If you want to experience a well-balanced life, all three areas need love, support and guidance.

You may have noticed that my approach isn't textbook, and I'm proud of that. Regular coaching and counselling is incredibly beneficial (I did it for many years and think it's beyond powerful), but when you approach this journey with the mind, body and soul in mind, you will be able to dive deeper, heal deeper and in return, experience love, presence, joy and peace deeper.

As a counsellor and wellbeing coach, I draw upon various mindfulness, nervous system support, somatic healing, general health and wellness, self-love, and self-care techniques and tools to help you experience life in a new way.  I also have many spiritual tools if you’re open to it!

I'm not here to fix you because you aren't broken, but we all have room for improvement (including me). You can think of our sessions as a safe space for your healing. It's a place where you can talk things through, gain clarity, make changes, and receive support, inspiration, encouragement, and empowerment.

what we will cover

session 1: relationship to self

After our first 1.5 hours together, you will understand:


  • the basics of supporting your mental health and have the first steps on redefining your relationship to self

  • the nervous system, the role it plays in your life and why it's so important for day-to-day life. You will also learn how to self-regulate your emotions (and nervous system)

  • the role of mindfulness and how important it is and you will learn mindfulness techniques that support you, no matter what stage of life you're in

  • what self-love and self-care is (and I'm not just talking about the soft and fluffy self-love/care like bubble baths and massages, I'm talking about the DEEP, pure soul-changing type of self-love and self-care). You will learn how to begin loving yourself from the inside out and find courage, confidence and empowerment to be yourself and enjoy it

On a more practical level, you can expect to walk away and:

  • start to sleep better, feel healthier and feel more energy

  • stop forcing yourself to go to that spin class and instead find ways to move your body that feel good

  • create supportive habits and routines that allow life to feel easier without being overrun by to-do lists, errands and schedules

  • calm yourself down after being triggered without needing somebody else to lean on

  • perform well at work or in studies because your anxiety isn't overruling you anymore

  • stop feeling overwhelmed, stressed and exploding when your kids are needing or wanting your support

  • have a deep, pure understanding of your own body, emotions and thoughts

  • enjoy the small moments and pockets of time during your day, no matter how busy you are

  • play with your dog or kids more without needing to think about the laundry or dishes

  • get ready in the morning without rushing out the door and no longer feel road rage on the way to work

  • look in the mirror and genuinely love the person looking back

  • do things that are just for you without the mum/ partner/ employee guilt

  • start dating again because you know that you’re worthy of love and your perfect person is out there

  • have the courage to stand up to yourself and choose what you know is best regardless of other people’s expectations and thoughts

session 2: relationship to life

After moving through our first session that have allowed you to redefine your relationship to self, it's time to redefine your relationship to life! After our second 1.5 hours together, you will:


  • begin to cultivate a sense of purpose in life, understand your values and the role they play and really dive-deep into the experience you have with life

  • have time and space to ask questions

On a more practical level, you can expect to walk away and:

  • say no to things you don’t want to do

  • have relationships that are healthier, more stable, and safer with your partner, friends and family

  • choose to watch Netflix instead of going to your great aunt’s 57th birthday brunch out of obligation

  • know who you are and what you want in life

  • wake up in the morning and genuinely feel excited about the work you get to do

Mindfulness, Mind, Body, Soul Wellness & Healing | Counsellor & Mental Health and Wellbeing Coach in Newcastle Australia

hi, hello, welcome!

I'm Shorina. I'm one of those gals that does it all - I'm a counsellor and wellbeing coach, I'm a writer, I'm a podcast host, I'm a lingerie biz owner, I do a little freelance marketing work and most importantly, I'm a mum to two beautiful little boys.

When I say I understand, I mean it. I have experienced many, many moments of darkness. I've felt lost, alone, confused, overwhelmed, anxious and depressed.

I have lived through my very own series of unfortunate events, including abusive relationships, a car accident and lifelong back injury, losing almost everything I owned in a storm, chronic pain and fatigue, a traumatic birth, a lot of self-harm, a suicide attempt and the most life-altering... living alone from 14 years old.

During that decade of my life, I thought things would never change. I'd experienced more trauma in 10 years than most people would experience in their entire life.


I thought the 'bad luck' would continue and life wouldn't ever change, but it did change. It changed when I changed and when I decided to love, support and forgive all three aspects of me: my mind, my body, and my soul.

It's possible that you may be struggling with self-hatred, uncertainty about your place in the world, feeling lost and struggling under the weight of it all. You might constantly compare yourself to others and daydream about a future where everything clicks into place and you live a purposeful existence. But there's another way.


It can be different. It can be better. You can experience all of the joy, love and peace in the world too. ​If you're here reading this right now, it's for a reason. You're reading this because you know that you're ready for something new. You're ready for things to be different for you too. You're ready to redefine your relationship to yourself and to your life.

Time is precious, so let's not waste any more of it.

frequently asked questions

How do the sessions run?

Both sessions will be held on Zoom. The first session will begin at 10am AEDT and run for approximately 1.5 hours, we will have a half hour break and return at 12pm AEDT to run for another 1.5 hours.

What happens after I join?

You will receive an email from me confirming your place at the time of booking. You will also receive a reminder email 24 hours before Mindful Self begins with Zoom link details.

Is any 1:1 support included?

1:1 support is not included. You are welcome to book a single or package of sessions here, if you would like personalised support before or after Mindful Self. 

How long is the container?

Mindful Self will run for approximately three hours, with a half-hour break in the middle. This allows time for us to cover the core concepts and information, and questions at the end. Though, please allow some additional time in case we do go over.


What if I can't make it live?

Don't stress, there is beauty, love and magic in both live and replay calls! All of the calls will be recorded and emailed to you within 24 hours. You will have 12-months access to the replays.

Can I ask you questions before joining?

Yes of course! Please feel free to email me at 

Are refunds available?

I do not offer refunds for change of mind.

client love

Dane O

Shorina has provided me with the most welcoming entry point into psychology and for that i cannot thank her enough, nor express my gratitude sufficiently through any testimonial for what she has done for me emotionally and mentally.


Her compassion, empathy, understanding, support, nourishment and enlightenment is unmatched and so very much appreciated - so much so that i feel like i have made a friend for life and i can trust her with any and everything that crosses my mind that i need some help, love and support from.


She radiates a sense of home and comfort that’s represented so very well - it helped me open up and feel like i could be honest and i knew she would be free of judgement with no matter what i brought to the table.


Shorina has helped me love myself for who i am and i would strongly recommend her to anyone, young and old, for any self building, repairing or maintaining that you may be looking to undertake and endeavour to improve - she will have your back no matter what.


I’m so glad i took a chance with Shorina because she has made such a difference in my life and if the very least i can do is recommend her to anyone reading this, then i will do my best to convince you to contact her and start your journey to being the best possible you there is, because with her in your corner you WILL achieve it.

Are you ready to redefine your relationship to self and life? Let's go!

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