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corporate workshops

More than ever before, people support with their mental health. At Mindful Soul Collective, I offer tailored workshops and speaking opportunities to explore mental health, wellbeing, mindfulness, self-care and self-love and all areas in between. 

We can be the catalyst of somebody's beautiful, healing journey. We can be the start of somebody seeking the support they want, need or dream of. As business owners, we can help our employees' live more healthy, mindful and aligned lives. 


If you are interested in discussing a workshop or speaking opportunity, please reach out to discuss a tailored proposal for your specific requirements including budget, length, number of attendees, location ect.

My workshop style isn't by the textbook. No client is the same as another so I don't want to apply the same thing to everybody, hoping it will work. Each workshop with me is based on your individual business's needs. The things we discuss, the exercises we do and the tools I teach you will depend entirely on your circumstances so that your business, staff and clients get the best results possible for their lives which in return, creates stability, safety and enjoyment in the workplace.

The tools and techniques I utilise are from the coaching and counselling space, allowing you to experience the best of both worlds. I'm here to offer you a safe haven. A place to talk things through, to get clear and make changes. A place filled with support, inspiration, encouragement and empowerment.

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